It looks like BioWare are working on a new Dragon Age title according to various job listings spotted over on the company’s jobs page.

During E3 earlier this year, BioWare surprised us all with Anthem, a brand new space exploration game, however a few were a little disappointed that a new Dragon Age wasn’t in the works. That disappointment might be short lived, as a number of new job listings suggest a new Dragon Age game may be in the works.

Over on BioWare’s jobs page there are a number of positions being offered including Senior Technical Artist, Animator, Senior Character Artist, Lead Cinematic Animator, Online Software Developer, Game Programmer, Tools Programmer, and much more.

The Dragon Age fan in me wants to jump on the hype train right now, but it’s incredibly early days, and due to the wording “Dragon Age Franchise” it could simply be hires for existing games, though that does seem somewhat unlikely.

I could be clutching at straws here, however on the other hand I might not. That seems like a hefty list of hires for current games, plus with the delay of one of BioWare’s projects back into 2018, a new title seems extremely likely.

To add fuel to the fire, last month, creative director Mike Laidlaw confirmed on The 1099 podcast that his team are “hiring a lot of people”, adding that “It’s no secret we’re doing something with Dragon Age,” but he just can’t talk about it right now, for obvious reasons.

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