Dying Light’s Content Drop #0 Arrives Today

Techland has released the first free content for Dying Light, titled Content Drop #0, which brings another deadly new faction as well as a new zombie to the Old Town.

Earlier this week Techland revealed that they’d be supporting Dying Light for another year with 10 lots of free DLC. The first drop lands today which brings a new faction of soldiers to the Old Town as well as the Mutated Goon, a brand new zombie enemy.

A new player outfit has also been added to the game called “Hunted” as well as a new weapon the Hurran Military Rifle which is available exclusively via the Gemly platform.

What is the Gemly platform, I hear you ask? Gemly is a new distribution platform which will bring content exclusively to Techland games. It’ll also act as a storefront for titles from Techland Publishing and other third party publishers. It’s also set to include a community hub which is coming soon. More information can be found on the game’s website.

“We have created Gemly as part of our wish to be closer to our fans and unite the whole Techland community in one place. At the same time, we want to keep our fans engaged and entertained – with Dying Light’s Content Drop #0 we’re paving the way for incredible experiences, offering new challenges and mysteries for our fans.” said Paweł Marchewka, Techland’s CEO

This content (aside from the rifle) is available today on PC absolutely free by simply downloading the latest update for the game.  The DLC will reach the console versions of the game in September.