dying light

Techland’s zombie survival game Dying Light is still alive and very much kicking, so much so that the developers are supporting the game for another year with a bunch of new content.

Through a series of regular community challenges as well as a huge expansion and plenty of additional content throughout the past couple of years, Techland have done a fantastic job of keeping the community around Dying Light pretty engaged. So much so that the game, even today, is seeing around 500,000 users a week.

So to make sure that player numbers don’t dwindle as well as rewarding players on their commitment to the zombie-infested world, Techland have unveiled an entire year’s worth of content to come to the game over the next 12 months.

Players can expect to see 10 drops that’ll include new enemies, in-game events, mysteries, and more. A brand new video has also been revealed which teases some of the content included in DLC #0 that’s “coming soon” to the game.

As for the future of Dying Light, there’s a high chance that the game is getting a sequel as the team behind the first game is currently working on an unannounced title. Here’s hoping it’s Dying Light 2.



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