At SDCC this weekend, Netflix revealed a brand new trailer for the second season of their sci-fi thriller, Stranger Things, and it looks just as good as the first, if not a little creepier.

After the last season, you’d think Will Byers had a hard enough time, y’know being sucked into the Upside-Down, but oh no, things are about to get much, much worse as the monsters that lurk beneath are after him and his loved ones.

Once again the show seems to be tapping into that 80s nostalgia with plenty of nods to the iconic era, even down to using using Vincent Price’s classic voice over to add suspense to the trailer.

Oh, and Eleven is back. In the trailer we see her pushing her way out of the Upside-Down back into the main world. Though this is hardly surprising considering the last couple of scenes from the finale of Season 1.

Check it out:

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Stranger Things Season 2 launches on Netflix on October 27.

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