Developer Dodge Roll Games has announced that their debut game, Enter the Gungeon, has surpassed one million sales, a pretty insane milestone for an indie developer’s debut title.

Enter the Gungeon launched a little over a year ago now on PC, PS4, and on Xbox One last April to critical and player acclaim. The game is a roguelike where players navigate through dungeons filled with gun-wielding bullets. It’s an incredibly fun game.

The announcement came via the above Twitter post, where the developer also teased “More Gungeon coming soon…” we’re wondering whether that means a sequel or some DLC is on the horizon.

Enter the Gungeon is set to launch on Nintendo Switch soon.

In our review we said Enter the Gungeon was “an undeniably enjoyable if very difficult blend of twin-stick shooting and roguelike exploration sporting a superb pixelated art style, imaginative and often pleasantly silly enemies and frantic bullet hell gameplay. Tweaks to some items’ spawn rates and early enemy/boss health levels might end up being beneficial.”

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