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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 “The Queen’s Justice” Review – Hell Hath No Fury Like Cersei Lannister

Don't mess with Cersei

By this point we can pretty much expect that Game of Thrones will deliver great episode after great episode. “The Queen’s Justice” keeps that ball rolling with probably the best episode this of this season has seen so far.


Coming off of last weekend’s teaser, we knew that Ice and Fire would finally meet face to face, the question was when and how? Knowing Game of Thrones, I figured it would come near the end of the episode or leave us with some huge cliff hanger. However, instead we are treated to a full 20 minutes of interaction between the Mother of Dragons and the King of the North! The show yet again catches us off guard and man was the first 20 minutes everything we wanted it to be!

Finally, these two super powers of Westeros have come together, and we are gifted with 20 minutes of tense, clever dialogue. Dany is determined to make every “king” of Westeros bend the knee, and Jon is solely focused on the threat looming beyond the Wall. What we get is a valid argument from both sides with each opposing side delivering a well thought out and valid counter argument. The writing in this show is just so damn good, and the conversations we see before us are beyond immersive. Not to mention its the meeting we’ve been waiting for years now!

An important moment to point out is Jon and Sir Davos seeing the dragons for the first time. As they’re casually walking up the stair to the castle, Drogon flies above their heads and you get to see the realization sink in that the Mother of Dragons is VERY real. Think about it, Jon as Davos are the first people in all of Westeros to actually see these giant beasts flying through the air. It’s a subtle moment that actually means quite a bit. The dragons are very real, the threat to anyone who opposes Dany is very real.

Aside from that, Tyrion has such a way with words right? It’s good for Jon’s sake that he does. While it takes Dany time to let their conversation sink in, Tyrion does what he does best, talks. News of Dany’s allies being butchered gives her and Jon’s heated debate time to settle and gives Tyrion a chance to give both sides some words of wisdom. I love seeing Dany process things. She always comes off hot-headed and impulsive, but she has fantastic advisors that really let her process information in an important way. Basically, Tyrion is responsible for Jon still being alive and not burned to a crisp. What we get in the end is Dany being the mature, wise Queen we all know and love. Jon gets his Dragon Glass and Dany gets a new ally.

The episode transitions to Euron getting off on people praising him and his no good deeds. Ellaria and her daughter are brought in front of Cersei as the gift that Euron promised. Honestly, I’m not sure how to feel about Euron. I’m sure he is meant to be the next Joffrey or Ramsay but he has yet to do anything that solidifies that position for him. In terms of character development and actions Euron has still come up short. He’s kind of just there, like a blood thirsty Jack Sparrow that loves to hear himself talk. I want to love to hate him like I did Ramsay, or loathe every time he is on-screen like I did Joffrey, but at the moment he’s just there.. talking. I hope that changes, because his character has that potential, it just hasn’t happened yet.

Cersei yet again shows how scary she can be if crossed. The dungeon scene was a magnificent slow build of anticipation and anxiousness that ended in a glorious “oh shit!” moment. The entire time you’re listening to her talk about how she wanted to exact revenge on Ellaria for taking her only daughter from her you’re thinking “holy shit, the Mountain is going to fold this woman like a pretzel.. NO! he’s going to pop her daughter’s head like a zit!” In the end, we get a bittersweet revenge that is beautifully executed. Now, I hate Cersei just as much as anyone else, but slowly poisoning Ellaria’s daughter and making her watch as she painfully deteriorates from the inside out?! Cersei, you’re savage.

Luckily, my prayers were answered for Sam and Jorah Mormont though. Seeing him healed and ready to return to Dany’s side once more was a beautiful moment, and makes me curious what fate has in store for him in the coming episodes. Meanwhile, poor Sam gets little to no reward for his brave actions. However, I am wondering if these moldy books he was tasked with copying are just that, or if they in fact hold the information he’s been searching for. Its possible this is Archmaester Ebrose’s way of quietly recognizing his aptitude for this line of work.

Up North, we get another reunion, this one however was a bit more awkward.. Bran and Sansa finally see each other for the first time since season 1. However, it’s not like the coming together of Jon and Sansa, Bran has obviously become a shell of his former self. He has embraced the role of the Three Eyed Raven, and from that his sense of empathy and over all emotion have left him. Watching him nonchalantly bring up what Ramsay did to her was cringe-worthy. “Must be hard for you to be in a castle you were raped in… anyways I’m the Three Eyed Raven”. It is yet to be determined if this is how things will be between them now, but he needs to lay off if we don’t want to see Sansa pushed into the arms of Littlefinger. Speaking of which, Littlefinger’s words of wisdom were actually that. Its one of the few times I wasn’t wondering what he was up to, instead what he said actually made sense, you can’t blame him for that. “Fight every battle in your mind, so that you’re never surprised.” 

Finally, we see Cersei give Tyrion a run for his money yet again. While it was awesome to watch as Tyrion narrated how the Unsullied would infiltrate Casterly Rock, we see the enemy once again pull off a win as Dany’s ships and her Tyrell ally fall in one fell swoop. Also, it was nice to finally see Casterly Rock and Highgarden on-screen for the first time. Both areas were just frequent mentions in the show, so seeing both physical places was a nice little easter egg of sorts.

Olenna is that badass grandma up to the very end though! Watching Jaime be the bad guy that everyone simultaneously loves is always a joy too. His character has developed so much since pushing Bran out a window. While it was great to see him show mercy on Olenna and grant her a swift, painless death; it was just as rewarding seeing her throw his mercy back in his face. I was sure he would snap and drive his sword through her face after hearing her openly admit she was the mastermind behind Joffrey’s horrific poisoning. She said it in such a care-free, “I’m going to die either way” attitude that I think he was caught off guard by it just as much as we were. She chugs the poison and clears her conscious before taking her final breath and Jaime just walks out. It was a cleverly beautiful way to wrap things up.

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