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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Review – The North Remembers

Now this might be a biased review strictly because how happy I am that Game of Thrones is back on, but aside from that we were still treated to a great episode.

WARNING: This review will have spoilers!!!

Honestly, not a ton happened in this episode, but that’s OK. It’s naive to go into a season premiere of any show and expect there to be a ton of action. Season premieres are meant to build anticipation, and set the stage for events to come, and man does Game of Thrones do just that.

First things first, the opening scene was an absolute “HELL YEA!” moment as we see Arya wipe out the entire Frey family with one sip of wine. It was everything we needed it to be. “Tell them, the North remembers” ugghhhhhh so good! It is nice to see Arya begin her trail of bodies with the family that took the most from her. Though it might have been implied Arya was heading home from the trailers, it was a little surprising to see her heading back to King’s Landing. At the same time, it was great to see this chick means business. I’m sure the Freys are just the tip of this bloody iceberg.

Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, we’re given an interesting conversation between Cersei and Jaime. While Jaime is mainly concerned with mourning their last son, and heir, Cersei is all business. It’s interesting, and a little scary, to see the transformation Cersei has gone through. When Joffrey was poisoned, she was consumed with revenge and grief, and really, I feel like that might have been the final straw. Since then revenge has been the only driving force behind anything she’s done. It’s like that is the only emotion she has left. ‘Heartless’ would be a good term for it I suppose. Jaime can see it too. She even brought it up, she asked him, “are you scared?” Of course he’s scared you crazy bitch, you vaporized half the city!

Admittedly, it was nice to see the last of the Lannisters scrambling to think of anyone who might come to their aid. They’re literally surrounded by people who would love nothing more than to see their heads on a pike. Seeing the realization that they’ve dug their own graves was enjoyable. Without any other choice, Cersei turns to the last family she can, the Greyjoys. Here we’re finally given a solid insight into the character that is Euron Greyjoy. As well as getting some welcome back story into who exactly started the rebellion all those years ago. It’s blatantly clear Euron is a man who cares for no one but himself. It’s funny to see these two houses admitting they are pretty much all they have. Cersei won’t admit she needs his fleet but she can’t hope to do much without it. Euron needs Cersei, because, well we don’t quite know why yet, but we know whatever reason, he can’t be trusted.

Probably one of my favorite moments of this episode involved the Hound, Beric Dondarrion, and Thoros of Myr. We see the Hound return to the cottage of the farmer he ripped off in season 4. “They’ll be dead before winter” he had stated back then, and sadly he was right. There has been a huge change in the Hound’s character. He isn’t the selfish creature we once knew. He’s remorseful, and it was a very heart-warming scene when he admits to Thoros that they deserved better, as he’s digging a grave for them. We also get to see the Hound become a believer in this so-called “Lord of Light”.

Poor poor Sam, by the way. While the soup and poop scene was a nice bit of comic relief, its pretty apparent he’s there as a man on the inside for Jon. Obviously there will be repercussions for him stealing the tomes from the off-limits area of the library, but hopefully Jon receives his information on the dragon’s glass in time. Also, Jorah Mormont isn’t looking to hot…just saying, but it’s curious to think what role he could be playing in the coming episodes.

Back in the North, we get to see Jon fully embrace the new title of King of the North, and its perfect. I feel like Sansa will be a royal pain in his ass this season, but also she’s a great voice of reason for him. “You need to be smarter than father and Robb”. It’s true, both men suffered from stupid mistakes, and Sansa has the incite from her time spent in King’s Landing to really advise Jon on matters regarding the Lannisters. As bitter as she may be towards him and his newly appointed position, she will be helpful in the war to come.

Finally, we’re given a silent yet moving ending as we see Daenerys Targaryen finally, after 7 long seasons, return home. It was perfectly fitting to just watch her as she quietly, and somberly took it all in. From her touching the beach of her homeland, to slowly walking through the throne room, to her running her hands across the dusty, painted table and immediately getting down to business. “Lets begin”. Thats all she said, thats all that needed to be said, and instantly you get the sense of “Holy shit this is finally happening.” Really, Game of Thrones has been building this moment up for the past 7 YEARS. To see her finally reach Westeros, to come home, and to get right down to business, it was the perfect way to close out the first episode of what will surely be an incredible season.

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