More wine, more betrayals, more boobs!

As Bran and Rickon journey north they meet Jojen Reed and Meera Reed.

Jojen informs Bran that he is a Warg, which means he can control animals and see through their eyes. They convince Bran not to stop at Castle Black at the Wall, but instead venture farther north so he can find the three eyed raven and hone his powers.

In King’s Landing Tywin plots to have Tyrion marry Sansa before the Tyrells can wed her off and Cersei to marry Lawrence.

Lord Karstark is beheaded by Rob for treason. Rob then seeks to make amends with Walder Frey in hopes of replacing the men he’s lost from Karstark’s beheading.

Theon is captured by Roose Bolton’s bastard, Ramsey, and tortured. Ramsey takes his “favourite body part”, the one between his legs.

Beyond the Wall, what’s left of the Night’s Watch seeks refuge back at Craster’s place. A mutiny takes place and both Craster and Jeor Mormont are butchered in the process. Sam flees with Gilly and her baby boy. While taking refuge in an abandoned shack they encounter the bearded White Walker which is after her son. Sam stabs it in the back with a piece of Dragon’s glass and it is here we find that they can in fact be killed. The White Walker falls to his knees and disintegrates before their eyes.

Meanwhile, Arya and her friends are captured, politely, by the Brothers Without Banners. Here we meet two important characters, a Red Priest, Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion. They take care of the young ones with plans of selling them back to their families. However, a run in with the Hound changes things. The Hound is sentenced to Trial by Combat and faces off against Beric. The Hound cuts down Beric and solidifies his freedom, however, Thoros raises Beric from the dead.

Rob Stark agrees to marry off his cousin, Edmure Tully, to Walder Frey’s daughter in hopes of keeping their alliance strong.

Jaime loses his hand..

Roose Bolton later comes into possession of Jaime and Brienne and promises them safe passage back to King’s Landing if Jaime ensures that Tywin knows Roose had nothing to do with what happened to them.

The Brothers Without Banner’s sell Gandry to Melisandre so she can use his bastard king’s blood for another spell in hopes of creating more Usurpers for Stannis.

Sansa and Margaery form a friendship. Margaery asks Sansa to tell her what Joffrey is like so she can prepare herself for what to expect.

The Hound captures Arya and tells her he’s bringing her to Riverrun to reunite her with her mother.. for a price.

Pretending to be part of Mance Rayder’s army, Jon Snow, Tormund Giantsbane, Ygritte, Orell, and some others scale the Wall. Once over the Wall, Orel calls out Jon Snow for not being true to their cause. A brawl breaks out and Jon Snow barely escapes with his life.

What they don’t know is Bran and company are hiding out in the tower just above them. Hodor starts to panic and Bran accidentally uses his Warg powers to subdue Hodor.

Across the Narrow Sea, Danny earns the allegiance of the Second Sons led by Daario Naharis. Side note: Ed Skrein played him for like 2 episodes and was then replaced before season 4 started shooting.

In the home of Walder Frey a wedding takes place, as well as a giant betrayal. During the reception, the groom, Edmure Tully, is imprisoned. Rob, his wife Talisa, and his mother Catelyn Stark are all butchered by Walder Frey’s men and Roose Bolton.

Half way there! Keep an eye out for part 4.

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