The Voxel Agents have unveiled their latest game, The Gardens Between, a surreal puzzle game which tells a tale of friendship.

The Gardens Between will have players following two best friends, Arina and Frendt, as they explore a surreal dream world full of mysterious gardens. These gardens will be full of objects from their past, telling a tale of friendship as players try and solve the puzzles presented within.

The below trailers are a collaboration between developer The Voxel Agents, Tim Shiel, the game’s lead audio designer. Joining Shiel is a cast of musical contributors such as Grammy Award-winning artist Gotye, pianist Luke Howard, and composer Biddy Connor, so you can guarantee that this game will not only be visually pleasing, but also kind to the ear, too.

You can check out a first-look at the game below, as well as a much more atmospheric and ambient trailer below that.

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The Gardens Between is set to launch on Windows and Mac in Q1 2018.

Update: The article previously stated that the game was in collaboration with audio designer Tim Shiel and artist Gotye, however Gotye is one of many contributors to the game’s soundtrack and trailers. The article has been updated with this information.

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