Greedy Guns is an upcoming 2D action title inspired by the likes of Metal Slug and Gunstar Heroes that blends a huge range of genres – there’s a big pinch of Metroidvania exploration, a generous infusion of co-op dual stick shooting and an absolute dollop of bullet hell terror, big bosses and all.

The game sees you (and a friend) take on the role of one of the Greedy Guns, a team of dynamic mercenaries contracted by the not at all ominous sounding HOLOCORP to land on (read: invade) a bunch of alien planets and collect samples of rare alien DNA. Needless to say, this often ends in a truckload of bullets flying in your direction.

If the trailer whetted your appetite for some new run and gun action it turns out we won’t even have to wait that long to take up arms against this new alien threat – developer Tio Atum has just announced that Greedy Guns’ release date has been set for September 1st this year.

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Greedy Guns will be released on Steam on September 1st. Take a look at the game’s latest trailer in the video above.

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