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Horizon: Zero Dawn Patch Adds Ultra Hard Mode

Horizon Zero Dark Souls?


PlayStation 4’s popular new game, Horizon Zero Dawn, has received a sizeable update today which added some addition features to the game.

The biggest features in Patch 1.30 are a New Game+ feature and an Ultra Hard difficulty. It also adds new trophies and unlockables to the game for those that want to add to their already growing collection.

New Game+ allows players to start the game from the beginning but keep Aloy’s character progression and all the items in her inventory. Unfortunately for players who reached the level cap in their first playthrough it won’t be increased beyond level 50. That said, if you didn’t reach level 50 in your first playthrough (did you even do any side quests though?) you’ll still be able to gain XP as you progress.

The new Ultra Hard mode makes enemy machines more powerful by improving their ability to detect Aloy and making them more threatening when they do find her. This mode also limits health regeneration and there’s no way to scale down the difficulty once you start a playthrough on Ultra Hard mode.

Are you excited for Ultra Hard mode? Will you give it a whirl? Let us know in the comments below!

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