At long last Legendary Pokémon are being released from their digital holding tanks and let loose upon the world. Following the disappointing technical issues that hindered Pokémon GO! Fest this weekend, Niantic announced that they would be releasing the Legendary birds into the game.

Due to Team Mystic’s victory in catching the most Pokémon over the past few days, Lugia and Mystic mascot Articuno will be the first of the Legendary Pokémon available! Niantic have promised that Zapdos, Moltres and the others will be following along in due course but it’s time for Mystic to bask in being the best (Blue team is after all best team).

With the introduction of Lugia and Articuno as Raid Bosses, it’s important to know just how to bring them down successfully to stand a chance at catching them. Here’s a few handy hints to bringing down these 5-star raid bosses effectively and maximising your chances in successfully bringing them on side:

Bring friends

You’re going up against 2 Legendary Pokémon, it’s a guarantee that they will not go down easy. Defeating one of these monsters alone will be impossible, so bring as many friends as you can muster, many hands make light work after all.

Know their weaknesses

This should be obvious to any trainer worth the name. Type matching is a standard skill that you should all have mastered by now. Lugia as a Psychic/Flying type is going to be weak to Electric, Ice, Ghost, Dark and Rock type attacks. Teams should include Gengar, Tyranitar, Golem, Jolteon, Magneton and Jynx wherever possible to stand the best chance of defeating it. Articuno being of the Ice/Flying is weak to Electric, Fire, Rock and Steel types. Ideally bring an Omastar with rock type moves to take advantage of its damage resistance, along with Typhlosion, Arcanine, Flareon, Tyranitar and Scizor. So long as these guys have the right moves it shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge.

Know your weaknesses

This should go without saying but just because your Pokémon knows a super effective move against them but also takes double damage from them does not mean you should send them out. You can get away with such a move when battling a gym, but these guys are packing one HELL of a punch, this is suicide. Don’t do this.

Bring a Snorlax/Blissey

All trainers should carry at least one of these juggernauts with them into battle regardless of whether it’s a gym or raid battle. Their obscene amount of health and defence make them incredibly difficult and time consuming to kill. Hopefully they know Hyper Beam as Earthquake is not going to be of much use here.

If in doubt, use the recommended

I usually wouldn’t suggest listening to the recommended team the game will choose for you, however with regards to raid battles they haven’t been too far off the mark. Maybe tweak the order a little but otherwise you should be good to go.

If you’ve done the above and you were successful in taking down the target raid boss it’s time to attempt capturing your quarry… sadly there’s no real tricks or tips to this. Feed them a Golden Razz berry and try to aim for an “Excellent” ball then just hope. It’s really just a matter of skill to hit them and luck that they don’t break out. You’re in RNGesus’ hands now and he’s a cruel and fickle bitch.

Good luck and happy hunting folks!

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