Psychedelic Old-School Point & Click, JENGO, Announced

JENGO is a brand new point & click adventure game from South African Studio, Robot Wizard, influenced by the golden-era of the genre.

While the golden era of point & click adventure games is long, long gone, there seems to be a slight resurgence as of late of games hoping to channel that classic LucasArts gameplay and humour. The latest which hopes to carry the flame is JENGO.

JENGO follows the story of Jeff who has found himself in the unfortunate position as the only person who can postpone the Apocalypse. In JENGO, the doom-stricken world of the Pixelverse is being slowly consumed by a crack in the sky and is about to collide into another universe, the universe where gaming prodigy Jeff inhabits.

The game, while not new to some people, was previously set to be an episodic game, but since signing with Plug In Digital’s new label, Pladius, the scope of the game has changed a little. You can find out more, and check out some early gameplay footage in the video below:

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JENGO is set to launch on PC in 2018.

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