The long-awaited multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3 is finally almost here as the development team have revealed it’ll be launching next week.

Nanos GbR, the team behind the multiplayer mod, have set a release date of July 20. The mod will be available on Steam completely free of charge, all players will need is a copy of Just Cause 3. Once acquired, players can dive into the explosive and chaotic world filled with several Ricos blowing up cows.

The development of the multiplayer mod has been in the works since the game launched back in 2015 and is now becoming a reality. Initially, the multiplayer mod was in development by another team, however Avalanche Studios took the mod’s lead designer under its own wing forcing them to cancel work on the mod at that point.

Fortunately Nanos GbR continued to push on releasing a beta of the multiplayer mod back in December. A little over seven months later and it looks like it’s almost time to cause chaos.

The mod itself allows multiple players to join the same game and take part in deathmatches, races, dogfights, or just blowing shit up. This version will also offer a game mode creator which will help things stay a little more… organised.

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