Kanye West leaving building after incident
Kanye West leaving building in Beverly Hills after incident- fight with a person- a few minutes before the police showed up- Jan 13, 2014 X17online.com

It’s been reported that Kanye West has terminated his contract with Jay-Z-owned streaming service, Tidal, as the service owes him upwards of $3 million and is in breach of contract.

Ah Tidal. Things just keep going from bad to worse. The latest nail in the Tidal coffin comes from a TMZ report which states that West is leaving the service due to being owed a ton of cash.  Reportedly West has terminated his contract through his lawyers, though the company seem to refuse to acknowledge the termination.

West was an integral part of the Tidal relaunch following Jay-Z’s acquisition of the service. During his time there West released his album, The Life of Pablo, exclusively to which West claims it brought 1.5 million new subscribers to the service. This number also was supposed to come with a bonus cheque, according to TMZ.

According to the report, Tidal has threatened to sue West if he leaves the service.

Neither West or Tidal have commented on the ongoing dispute, however West has previously commented on exclusive music deals stating that he’s “done for good” with them.

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