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Get Ready to Play Killing Floor 2 on Your Xbox One

Zombie madness.

Killing Floor 2 developer, Tripwire, have announced that the game will be coming to Xbox One on August 29. The game will also include visual upscaling for anyone playing on an Xbox One X when the console releases in November.

The Xbox One edition of the game will be available for $40 and will feature all the game’s previously released content. It will feature a new weapon called the Freezethrower and new attire called the Wasteland Armour uniform – both of which are timed-exclusives for the Xbox One. The Freezethrower will allow you to freeze zombies and shatter them and the Wasteland Armor will give your character a completely new look.

Killing Floor 2 originally released on PlayStation 4 and PC in November 2016. You and your team must fight zombies following an outbreak of the creatures across Europe. Up to six players can team up to take down the monsters or play the PvP mode in which one side takes on the role of zombies.

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