Kim Reaper #2 gives us another funny issue, but this time takes the time to build on the relationship between Becka and Kim as well.


This second issue picks up right where the first left off. Becka and Kim face off against the giant muscled, cat-man with flowing blonde locks. After the show down, we get to see the relationship grow and develop between our two heroines.

Kim Reaper #2 Review – A Reaper With a Conscience - n3rdabl3

Becka doesn’t understand why Kim needs to be a Grim Reaper and sees it as a needlessly self-endangering gig. Kim decides to show Becka what the perks of the job are instead of trying to tell her. As we saw from the first issue, Kim’s reaper has the ability to rip open a portal and bring her to where ever she wants to go. Kim asks Becka where her favorite place to go is and Poof! They’re there, Spaceland.

It’s here we get to see their bonds grow stronger and get our first insight that Kim might actually have a crush on Becka as well. What I love is the fact that the writing makes these two feel relatable. Yes Kim is a Grim Reaper and hunts the souls of dying animals at night. She can tear open portals whenever she wants that transport her to wherever she wants to go, BUT, what grounds this series is the fact that these characters feel natural.

Who hasn’t had a crush and tried to feel out if that person has a significant other or if they may feel the same about us? Part of what has made this comic such a pleasure to read is that the writing is just so damn good. It feels natural, it flows very well, and it takes a very out-there series that involves fantastical things and grounds them with two characters anyone can empathize with.

Kim Reaper #2 Review – A Reaper With a Conscience - n3rdabl3

The art continues to take these brief serious moments and make them cute and fun. It also helps drive the ridiculousness of the series to the fullest, but in a good way. The vibrant colors and cheesy looking characters bridge the gap between more adult issues and childish fun.

The only issue is the final act of the issue feels rushed. The story is great, but after spending the first half forming an attachment to these characters, the latter part just feels like they were running out of time. That being said, overall the issue is still a great second installment and the minor pacing issue doesn’t take away from the series at all.

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