Boss Key productions has announced that just days before the launch of LawBreakers, players can dive into the game in the final open beta for the game.

LawBreakers is set to land on PS4 and PC on August 8, but just a few days ahead of that Boss Key is holding the final open beta for the game on both platforms – the first time the game has been in playable beta on the PS4.

From July 28 at 7AM PT, players will be able to dive into the game and experience all of the content from each previous beta, including eight roles, six maps, and four modes. The beta is set to last until July 31 at 7AM PT.

Players can pre-download the game now on both PC and PS4.

This final beta will also give players an opportunity to try out a couple of new features too including the ability to unlock and equip any of the launch Stash Drop contents, as well as a first look at the Wraith and Assassin’s Kinetic Blades. Finally, players can experience some of the balance changes since the last beta.

PC players will also be able to test out the game’s Twitch features such as account-link, Broadcasting LIVE icon, and much more.

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