The University of Leicester and ESL UK have partnered to offer a brand new course for students that’ll give them valuable insights into the esports industry.

Leicester is becoming the home of esports here in the UK. It’s currently where ESL UK are based, and now the Univerisity of Leicester are offering an esports-focused course that’ll give students gain knowledge of the gaming and esports industry.

The course itself, which is the first of its kind, will give students knowledge in developing services for the esports industry, give them access to data and intelligence from esports specialists giving them an advantage in the gaming employment sector.

Jeremy Levesley, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Leicester Department of Mathematics, who is leading on the development of the course, said:

“People learn best when at play, so now more than ever, developing the use of games as a medium for learning is of paramount importance. Esports is a very important component of this, as it becomes more popular around the world.

“I am hoping that students will gain commercial awareness of the esports business model, which is one of the fastest growing parts of the gaming economy.”

Over the past couple of years the esports industry has blown up and is becoming an incredibly huge business. While many still struggle to accept or understand how video games can be considered a sport, efforts such as this are certainly helping drive home that this business is not to be brushed aside.

ESL, a part of the international digital entertainment group MTG, is the world’s largest esports company, leading the industry across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline competitions.

The esports-focused course is a module found within the Master’s degree, Data Analysis for Business Intelligence. For more information about the degree, head on over to the University of Leicester website.

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