Sports games are weird. Over the years there has been an increasing weight given to who graced the cover of whichever hand/foot-to-ball simulator you were developing. It probably doesn’t get much better than than Pierluigi Collina adorning the front of PES 3, and for those who don’t quite recognise the name (that’s totally fine), Collina was an ill tempered football referee who looked kind of like a giant angry baby.

FC Barcelona’s Luis Suárez is PES 2018 Cover Star - n3rdabl3

Anyway, Konami have slipped us a little email to say that the newest cover star of their football franchise will be none other than Luis Suarez, the brilliant albeit bitey centre forward for Barcelona FC.

Bit of a no-brainer to pop Suarez on the cover really, he’s arguably the best striker in the world right now, and with his questionable behaviour on the pitch calming down a lot as of late why wouldn’t you want to market the hell out of him. The bulk of the Barcelona stars will make up the standard edition, whilst Luis will get the special edition all to himself.

Here are a couple of pack shots for your eyes to feast upon!

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