Deep Silver and Volition have unleashed a new trailer for its upcoming action game, Agents of Mayhem, this time channelling the moustache prowess of Magnum P.I.

It wouldn’t be a Volition game if it didn’t get just a little bit silly, and low and behold, here’s the silliest unveiling yet. Seeing as Jonny Gat is also making his mark in the game’s version of Seoul, why not make him a little more bad-ass by giving him a Magnum P.I. skin?

Let’s be honest though, did we expect anything less? Volition have brought the likes of Burt Reynolds into their games in the past as mayor of Steelport in Saints Row: The Third. We’re just a little bummed Tom Sellek isn’t making a personal appearance.

If you’re looking to get Gat dressing up as Magnum, you’ll need to grab Agents of Mayhem on Day One which includes the Legal Action Pending DLC.

Check Gat P.I. in the trailer below:

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Agents of Mayhem launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 15.


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