Here’s Some Interesting (Yet Slightly Wild) Things I’d Add to Marvel Legendary

Do you ever think about how you spent an embarrassing portion of your youth playing Yu-Gi-Oh Cards? Just me? Well, that’s okay, someone has to. That being said, I like Marvel and I have a vague interest in card games, so getting into Marvel Legendary is a logical next step.

Before I make the commitment of the rest of my spare time being spent on yet another nerdy activity, I have a few suggestions to make Marvel Legendary that little bit cooler.

First off, you know those really cool duel disks they have in Yu-Gi-Oh? Well, to get us going I’d pitch Marvel that concept, but ramp it up to ten. How about an Iron Man style duel disk? Like a repulsor gauntlet of some such…

Not a fan of Tony Stark? Embrace the Homecoming and try a Spider-man themed web shooter duel disk? Still not your thing? Well, let’s get back on target with a Hawkeye Archery themed set?

I’ll try one more time to get you sold on this idea, a Doctor Strange one? How does this all work? I don’t know, it’s for Marvel to make it happen. Maybe tournaments could involve cosplay and be about building your own themed duel disk? I think a Wolverine or a Deadpool themed one could get a bit dangerous though.

Try something safer and cooler, like an Iceman one?

So yeah, Marvel heroes are really cool, but you know what I like just as much Marvel? Continuity, and lots of it.

From that Alien reference in Predator 2 all the way up to this cool fact that the detective that used to be on Law and Order Special Victims Unit was in the X-files meaning those two shows exist in the same universe.

So wouldn’t it kind of be cool if an expansion pack came along introducing the Elemental Heroes from Yu-Gi-Oh? What about something with the DC Universe? Or Kamen Rider?

These ideas kind of have me stoked, even if they are kind of ridiculous and impractical. Can I dream or can I dream right? Do you have any suggestions to make Marvel Legendary even cooler?

Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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