Comic giants Marvel Publishing and Amazon’s Comixology announced on July 20 that they would be joining forces to deliver exclusive comic content, starting with Immortal Iron Fists.

The announcement was made during the Next Big Thing panel at San Diego Comic Con. Fans will be able to enjoy a wide variety of different comics, beginning with the reveal of the new Immortal Iron Fists series, a 6-issue arc published bi-weekly, written by Kaare Andrews and illustrated by Afu Chan. Issue #1 is available now for $2.99 or free to all comiXology Unlimited subscribers. New users will also be able to enjoy the first part of the series as part of their 30-day free trial, enticing new fans to dive in!

The new series is set to be an entry point to the Marvel universe, welcoming fans both old and new, by telling the story of Pei. Set after the Immortal Weapons liberate K’un-Lun, Pei is not just the youngest female monk to pick up the mantle of Iron Fist, but the youngest monk ever! Danny Rand is set to face the toughest trial yet, training young Pei, all while she tackles the killing ground that is High School.

Chip Mosher offered these words, “Immortal Iron Fists serves as a perfect starting point for those new readers who are just discovering the world of Marvel Comics. We’re loving working with Marvel on this line of exclusive content as part of our comiXology Originals program. Giving new and current fans the option to buy or read for free as part of our comiXology Unlimited subscription service is a huge win. We can’t wait to hear from the fans.”

Readers have been flocking to comic books and the worlds they contain in massive numbers thanks to the ever expanding Marvel movie/tv universe. These increases in numbers and popularity are breathing new life into the heroes we’ve grown to love as well as giving birth to new ones. This new partnership between Marvel and comiXology comes off the back of their deal earlier this year, delivering over 10,000 titles to readers the world over.

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