Announced during Level Up!, the video gaming segment at D23 expo, Marvel’s new VR game will be coming exclusively to Oculus Rift + Touch. Titled Powers United VR, the game puts players into the shoes of a variety of iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe characters.

A short trailer was released, which you can watch below, showing off gameplay featuring Rocket Raccoon, Hulk and Captain Marvel. Using the Oculus Touch, players can shoot, smash and navigate around waves of enemies, performing combos and special moves using real-life gestures. The game will be a cooperative experience and Disney is planning to announce additional characters at San Diego Comic Con.

Powers United VR is being made by Sanzaru Games Inc. who have previously worked on the Sly Cooper series as well as several VR titles including VR Sports Challenge and Ripcoil. No release date was announced other than a 2018 window for the superhero shooter but its exclusivity to Oculus platforms was made clear.

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