I’ve been a follower of MOD-CASE for some time now. This was back when they were making cases for various Samsung devices as well as Apple, however since then they’ve shifted focus to solely iPhone designs, two of which we’ve got hands-on with. However, do they live up to expectations?

There was something about the original MOD-CASE which had me pawing at their wooden phone cases, whether it was the aesthetic, or the simple designs of each wooden case, and when we were finally contacted by the company to get hands-on with their cases, I jumped at the chance. However, upon getting the cases in my hands I was a little underwhelmed.

The Folio

The Folio is the first case I decided to take for a spin. This is your run of the mill folio case and a case design I’m personally not too keen on. Maybe it’s because I always like to have my phone at the ready, maybe because I find folio cases clunky. But I threw caution into the wind and for the most part it wasn’t all that bad. The bamboo wood used for The Folio was lightweight and the soft leather binding was comfortable to hold. While the case added a bit of extra bulk to the phone, it was stylish and functional.

Unfortunately there were a few things I didn’t like about this case. The first is that the cover didn’t really “stick” to the phone which meant whenever I wasn’t holding it together, the cover would just freely flap around in my hand. Another thing, which is a renowned problem with most folio cases is that whenever I wanted to use my main camera, I had to hold my phone like a book, as flipping the cover all the way back blocked the main camera.

The problem here is that the only way to really comfortably hold the phone in your hand is by flipping the cover back, which is actually held securely together with magnets, but if you want to take an impromptu picture, you’ve got more fiddling that usual to do. Like I said, it’s a glaring issue with most folio cases, not just The Folio.

Overall, The Folio is a pretty unremarkable folio case. While it does offer a slot for money or a credit card, there are other more functional folio cases out there.

The Lenox

The Lenox is MOD-CASE’s standard phone case without any bells and whistles, and for the most part, it’s stylish and comfortable to hold. It also grips the phone incredibly well, which is definitely a plus.

The case design is pretty interesting too, on the back there’s smooth Rosewood which then blends into a matte black case with rubberised boarders giving the case grip while its in your hands. That being said, there’s really little all I can say about The Lenox as again, it’s your run of the mill wooden phone case.


The MOD-CASE “The Folio” and “The Lenox” are nice, high-quality phone cases however they risk drowning in amongst a market full of “unique” wooden phone cases. There’s nothing really unique about these cases that’ll have them standing out from the crowd. Sure, the little etched MOD-CASE logo on each case is great branding, and the wood used is great looking. But there’s really nothing that shouts “hey, look at me!”

MOD-CASE does however have an interesting concept which is that with every sale the company will plant a tree. So if you’re keen to support the environment with your wooden phone case purchase, MOD-CASE is definitely the brand for you.

While brands change over the years, it seems MOD-CASE have – at least for me – lost all the charm it once had, which is a shame. With support for only the iPhone 6 and 7, there’s also a very limited market here.

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