Mode 7, the developer and publisher behind the recent stealth-’em-up game, Tokyo 42, has announced their second title as a publisher, a settlement game called The Colonists.

Inspired by classic settlement games such as Anno and The Settlers, The Colonists brings back classic settlement gameplay as players are put in control of a group of robots tasked with settling on a newly-discovered planet, in preparation for inhabitants from their homeworld to arrive and… well, settle there.

Much like classic settlement building games we know and love, The Colonists will have players travel through the Stone Age to the Space Age as the settlements grow and expand. Players will also be able to build complex road, boat, train, and done transportation systems too.

The game is currently in development at Codebyfire, a one-man development studio also known as Richard Wallis from Bristol. After working for a decade on other video games across a series of different platforms, The Colonists will be Wallis’ first full release.

The Colonists will also feature a solid single player campaign, a free-play mode, competitive multiplayer, and co-op. It’s set to launch into Early Access on PC in August 2017.

Until then, check out some of the game’s screenshots below:

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