BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe have revealed a new gameplay trailer for upcoming ninja battle game Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker. The trailer, which can be watched below shows off the 4 ninja types that players can use in the game.

Firstly there’s the attack type which characters like Naruto Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake and Pain will utilise. There’s also the Ranged-type fighters which characters like Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha and Konan will make use of. Defence type will be available for Kisame Hoshigaki, allowing players to fortify defences. Finally there’s the Heal-type fighters like Sakura Haruno, who will be able to heal themselves and other players during battle.

Also revealed are the two main battle-modes: Barrier Mode and Flag Mode. Barrier mode splits teams into offence and defence as they battle a boss while Flag Mode is a capture the flag style mission structure. Both modes are playable in 4v4 matches and will contain other sub mission modes such as the escort, extermination and subjugation.

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