new nintendo 3ds

Nintendo has announced that they’re discontinuing the New Nintendo 3DS across most major territories around the world.

Nintendo have confirmed that production of the smaller New Nintendo 3DS has been discontinued in Europe as well as Japan, and amounts to a general discontinuation across all of the company’s major territories.

As for North America, the New Nintendo 3DS wasn’t generally available unless found in bundles, so not much has changed in that respect.

This now leaves Nintendo’s family of 3DS handhelds with just the larger XL models following the launch of the New Nintendo 2DS XL and of course the ever popular, New Nintendo 3DS XL.

The New Nintendo 3DS was mostly known for its interchangeable face plates which allowed players to switch out covers with others based on popular Nintendo characters and other designs. They were generally quite appealing, but were also pretty expensive.

While pretty short lived, the Nintendo 3DS family is still going strong, even with the launch of the Nintendo Switch. And there’s plenty to look forward to on the 3DS front too with the first 3DS Pikmin adventure, Hey! Pikmin launching pretty soon.

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