Well, that’s one way to preview a show. Adult Swim have released possibly the most Adult Swim-y trailer ever for the upcoming third season of Rick and Morty. The trailer, which can be watched below is truly an acid flashback-inducing thing of beauty and sees the titular duo going through a nightmarish sequence of a variety of animation types.

There’s crude pencil drawings, clay-mation, loony tunes-esque cartoons and even a scene where Rick pulls Morty out of a butt-portal. All of this insanity culminates in what may be the greatest single piece of art that humanity has ever produced, either that or it’s pure trash, hey I’m no art-critic.

What I can be sure of though is that the world is ready for more Rick and Morty. I for one cannot wait to get back to Birdperson, Scary Terry and my personal favourite, Mr Poopy Butthole. Luckily we don’t have much longer to wait as new episodes arrive July 30 at 11:30PM EST. Until then, I don’t know, go lay down or something, you’ve been through a lot.

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