The No Man’s Sky ARG Continues with More Mystery

The No Man’s Sky Alternate Reality Game continues with Phase 2 of Project Waking Titan. This time another new website has been discovered where users can enter commands which offer some pretty interesting results.

Something strange is happening with No Man’s Sky lately. Hello Games are hard at work teasing what could be a new big update for the game, but are putting the discovery of what exactly it might be in the hands of the No Man’s Sky community.

The latest update was that something would be happening on July 21. The previous phase of Project Waking Titan suggested that a select few (10,000) players would receive Level 4 Atlas passes suggesting that this might be a beta for an upcoming update. However now the next phase has begun and it revolves around a new website.

This website, offers nothing more than a simple command line to which players can enter codes. On July 21 a number of players who registered on started receiving emails with codes to enter on the Waking Titan website.

From here, reddit sleuths over on the No Man’s Sky subreddit have found a number of commands which work, such as “Start” which seem to initiate some sort of string of queries. Other entries such as “whois atlas” spit out various words, this particular entry throws out the following:

All I know is this.
The Atlas had infinity to work with,
and with few exceptions, this triad repeats…
Gek, Korvax, Vy’keen. Gek, Korvax, Vy’keen.
Traders, warriors, scientists, all their stories
… ending in violence.
Think about it. How would the Atlas speak,
how it would cry for help? It would use
the only language it knew. It would speak
with life. It would create.

Users codes, when entered, slowly started to reveal an image of a notebook, now that notebook has been fully revealed and reads:

don’t forget atlas THEN csd!!!
list wake status
ship hibernate seed
whois -> atlas ? needs loading time…
316 – A – 114 ATLAS
316 – 1 – 430.ETARC
1176 – 4 – 746.MYRIAD
1176 – 5 – 1922.MVERSE
5020 – 8 – 3098.ATLAS
? – 7 –
5020 – 9 – 13138.MYRIAD
31296 – 2 – 18158.MVERSE

loop16 hibernating as of July 5

Currently, users are entering “Seeds” into the command window which sometimes yeild the result:

checking seed…
seed validated

warning: process hibernating, unable to continue until wakeup

This can then be followed with “WAKE LOOP16” then “HELLO LOOP16” which seem to wake parts of an AI. Presumably the “Titan” of “Waking Titan”.

Previously, it’s been stated that Project Waking Titan will be completed in August, so it’s safe to assume that if this is a content update, it’ll be coming out some time in August.

If you want to follow-on with what’s happening yourself, there’s an extensive account of both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Project Waking Titan over on GameDetectives and reddit.

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