Shiro Games has introduced a brand new faction into their popular real-time strategy game, Northgard, called The Clan of the Bear.

The Clan of the Bear, who originate from the northern parts of the realm, are known as some of the more resilient warriors who excel in defence and are able to withstand some of the more colder winters of Northgard.

Players who chose to run as The Clan of the Bear will receive more bonuses during winter, and will receive two exclusive units: the Shieldmaden, a fearless defender of her people, whom replaces the warchief as its leader; and the Armored Bear, an insanely powerful defensive unit, however it cannot enter enemy territory.

In addition to the new clan comes an update which will also bring a handful of fixes and improvement including an improved AI and balance between clans. Patch notes can be found over on the Steam community page.

A trailer for The Clan of the Bear can be found below:

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