Now This Nerd have done a massive 180 and as of yesterday have completely restored the SourceFedNERD YouTube Channel following incredible backlash from SFN fans.

Back in May fans of SourceFedNERD were shocked to find that their beloved channel had been overtaken by a new company, Now This Nerd, promising to provide the same great content as before, but with a new cast. Of course, seeing as Now This Nerd was owned by the same media company that shut down SourceFedNERD just weeks prior, this left a very, very bitter taste in users mouths.

Alas, despite the backlash, Now This Nerd continued to upload more and more content onto the now rebranded SourceFedNERD channel with each one receiving negative comments and more thumbs-down than thumbs-up. Now, it finally seems like they’ve wised up.

As of yesterday, the SourceFedNERD channel was fully restored with all videos uploaded by Now This Nerd being removed. Instead a single video was left behind apologising for the mistake they made.

Once again, senior producer Michael Calabro is back in front of the camera to explain exactly why they’ve restored the channel, opening with a fairly sarcastic and bitter introduction calling himself a “fake geek boy and corporate shill”, obviously referencing the backlash he received for this takeover.

“We’ve been watching and listening to the conversation happening around this channel,” he explains. “We hear you and we’re sorry for the way this channel rebranding went down.”

Calabro explains that theyve restored the classic SourceFedNERD channel and Now This Nerd will be launching their own YouTube channel (like they should have done in the first place). From here on out, the SourceFedNERD channel will remain as a “permanent archive” for all of the content created by the team before they were given the sack.

I guess this is a lesson well learned.

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