Universal have released a new teaser trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising which is masquerading as a recruitment video for the Jaeger Program.

Ever fancied piloting a mecha? Now’s your chance as the Jaeger Program is looking for fresh new pilots in its never ending battle against giant monsters!

The first Pacific Rim followed humanity battling against giant monsters from a different dimension using giant mecha. The film ended with the portal being closed and the monsters being wiped out. Though it turns out that things weren’t done, as Star Wars star John Boyega takes up the helm as tough military man (played by Edria Elba) Stacker Pentecost’s son.

This Jaeger seems to have taken a leap forward as they only appear to require one pilot instead of two. Though if the monsters were beaten in the last movie, why do they still need the Jaegers?

Something is a bit sinister and I can’t help wondering that these Jaegers and arms build up is not going to be good. I guess we’ll just find out in 2017.

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Pacific Rim: Uprising is set to premiere in February 23, 2018.

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