PlayStation 4 Games Land on PlayStation Now

Sony has announced that a handful of PlayStation 4 games are now available to play through PlayStation Now, an absolutely huge announcement for Sony’s game streaming platform.

For the longest time, PlayStation Now has been the only form of backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 4. Players could rent games or purchase a subscription to PlayStation Now to play PS3 games on their PS4, and for the most part, it worked well enough. Then PlayStation Now became compatible on PC too, allowing players to play PS3 games on PC.

Now, Sony has announced that PS4 games are available on PlayStation Now meaning that not only can players use their subscription to play PS4 games they may not already own, but PC players can stream PS4 games.

Fifty PS4 games are now available on PlayStation Now, including Killzone Shadow Fall, Saints Row IV Re-Elected, WWE 2K16, Tropico 5 and Tearaway Unfolded, among others. Sony is also committed to add more games to the service in future.

Players can sign up to PlayStation Now today and gain a seven day free trial. PS Now subscriptions include access not only to trophies, but also online multiplayer, too.

The full list of PlayStation Now games can be found on the platform’s website.

Unfortunately, Sony recently dropped support for PlayStation Now on PS Vita TV and certain other platforms.

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