Pokémon GO – What You Need to Know

Pokémon GO received a pretty massive update that’s brought with it a lot of changes and new features, so it seems prudent to give you trainers a few tips and tricks as well as talk about the current state of play.


First of lets talk Gyms. The gyms are almost completely different to how they used to operate. Previous to Raid Battles update, Gyms could hold 10 Pokémon so long as you and your teamates dedicated enough time to throwing yourselves at it in order to raise it’s score high enough to accommodate them. This was all well and good but it meant that once a gym got to rank 10 with a full compliment of defending monsters it was practically pointless attempting to tackle the gym alone and even with friends it seemed pretty redundant.

Now however, they hold a max of 6 Pokémon and their “morale” directly impacts their max CP, decreasing as they lose battles. The rework also changes how you earn in game coins, instead of simply taking a Gym and holding it long enough to cash out and collect 10 coins per Gym every 21 hours, your defending Pokémon earns 1 coin every 10 minutes it’s in the Gym. This in itself has its own issues as you still can’t actively remove a Pokémon from it’s Gym. So if they have been there for longer than a day they’ve reached their 50 coin limit and you have to wait for their defeat in order to obtain their hard earned coins.

Although this makes it arguably easier to earn coins, it’s way more frustrating in the sense that you can’t get them without someone beating your defender and sending them home. This brings me to my first tip:

  • Don’t feed the animals: When you approach a friendly gym you can see the Pokémon defending it and their morale levels. Do you and your teamates a favour and DON’T feed them berries to boost morale if they’ve been there more than a day. You’re doing more harm than good. Their trainers want those delicious coins and they can’t get them if you’re keeping their creatures on top form!

Pokémon GO – What You Need to Know - n3rdabl3

Also with gyms capped at 6 Pokémon it’s far easier and far more viable to tackle gyms alone and overthrow them. Standard gym fighting protocols apply, type match effectively and you’ll be walking away victorious more times than you don’t.

Raid Battles

Raid battles are often huge and often pretty challenging, the tip for this is pretty obvious:

  • Fun with friends: The 3-star and above raid bosses are often incredibly challenging to bring down alone. You either need a team of absolute beasts with the right typing to bring them down or some obscene luck. Bring a friend. Up to 20 people can tackle a raid boss and it definitely makes things easier.

They’re the two biggest tips for the biggest changes to game so far. Simple yet effective. Bringing down raid bosses is great for getting your hands on some reasonably powerful Pokémon with little time and effort invested, just don’t expect them to be pushovers.

State of Play

Now we come to the state of play. It’s no secret that Po-GO has haemorrhaged players since the initial hype of it’s release. Poor content delivery and the steep in-game shop prices can be to blame for that, not to mention that all things just kinda fade out with time. Niantic seem to have their heads at least a little bit back in the right place with the introduction of co-operative raids and more global events though so it’s got potential to make a surging return.

Fans are still holding (loosely but holding) onto the hope that we will see PvP and trading introduced to the game sometime soon and I dare say that’s exactly what the game needs to revitalise it. Walking down the street and feeling your phone buzz because there’s a trainer in the area looking to battle would make me way more paranoid and also way more likely to go roaming.

There is definitely a greater number of players back on the street, whether that’s down to the warmer summer weather or the improvements and changes it’s hard to tell. One thing is for sure though; The upcoming global event has had a huge impact. Everyone is speculating as to what we can expect the big reveal to be at the end assuming the global community manage to overcome the trials.

Currently the main theory is that they will be introducing the core Legendary’s to the game at last. Plenty of theories and images and rumours have been circulated with reference to raids and the potential presence of one of the Legendary Pokémon making an appearance that way. It’s easy to understand why this is the most widely believed rumour.

Pokémon GO – What You Need to Know - n3rdabl3
Unconfirmed so far but promising.

Others are that they will finally be revealing trading and PvP, however I think this unlikely given the terms stipulated by the global event. Niantic wouldn’t purposely withhold such a key feature because we failed as a community to catch the requisite number of Pokémon. That would be shooting themselves so badly in the foot that the ricochet takes out the brain-pan.

My personal favourite, unlikely as it is, is the introduction of Generation 3 Pokémon. Pokémon Emerald was by far my favourite entry into the game series and so the ability to go around and catch my most loved Pokémon again “in the real world” speaks to me on a fundamental level. But this is highly unlikely as the data-divers haven’t so much as found a whisper of the necessary code to hint at the imminent release of gen. 3.

Rumour does have it though, that they will be releasing SOME new Pokémon just not from the generation everyone would expect. There have been rumblings of some gen. 4 introductions into the game, such as Rhyperior and Lickylicky. These would also bring with them a new wave of “baby” Pokémon such as the adorable Munchlax as well as Glaceon and Leafeon. The legitimacy of these rumour images remains to be seen but if they are proven to be true then there could be some big changes coming to game!

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