Sony has unveiled the Instant Game Collection titles for August and there’s an added bonus for both NA and EU players.

From August 1 a total of six games will be available for PS Plus subscribers, in addition Sony’s upcoming party game, That’s You, will also be coming to NA and EU players meaning there’s a total of seven games for players this month.

The first title coming to PlayStation 4 is Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag’s standalone experience, Freedom Cry. The second, which is pretty awesome, is Square Enix’s Just Cause 3.

For PS3 players, Motherload and Snakeball will become available. And for PS Vita players, they’ll be able to grab Downwell which is also Cross Buy with PS4. Level 22 will also be available to PS Vita players.

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A pretty awesome selection, huh? Well, if you’re yet to grab July’s games, you’ve now got 5 days to download them.

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