Another week, another exciting set of releases for PSVR players out there. We’ve a trip to our own personal shooting arena, as well as some leisurely golf to try our hands at, and miniature racing!

After a fairly quiet few weeks, this week is ramping up to be a pretty good one for PSVR, so let’s not dilly dally around for too long, lets jump into our next VR experience.

Infinite Minigolf (July 25)

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Infinite Minigolf has become a reality, in part, thanks to the PlayStation community. Using fan feedback, Zen Studios has managed to create a new spin on its Planet Minigolf game and bring it to VR.

From the ability to tackle a never-ending array of courses, to even diving deep and creating your own, the game comes with a new level editor which again, has been overhauled using feedback from players of the previous game.

You’ll also be able to dive into multiplayer matches too, because what’s a game of mini golf without friends?

Smashbox Arena (July 25)

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Considered one of PC VR’s best games, Smashbox Arena is finally coming to PS VR giving players the chance to compete in several arena-based events against other players. Featuring not only team vs team multiplayer, Smashbox will also include a single player mode which has three difficulty options to work through.

Aside from the gameplay, Smashbox Arena will also contain some keen customisation options, with a total of six power-ups to master, like Heat Seeking Missiles and Sniperballs.


Of course, compared to its PC VR counterpart, which relied a lot on Roomscale, this game may be slightly different, especially when using PS Move controllers. But I’m sure it’s still just as fun.

Tiny Trax (July 25)

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Pretty sure we all had our own slot-car-racing sets as kids, hell, they’re still doing pretty well for themselves today. But how can we bring miniature slot-car-racing to the next level? Throw that shit into VR.

Tiny Trax is exactly what I described above, virtual reality Scalextric, perfect for those who don’t have the room in their homes for massive tracks. Now you can sit down and enjoy this miniature racing without the need to get up and reset the car each time you spin-off the track.

Heroes of the Seven Seas (July 25)

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A short but sweet one here. Ever wanted to be Captain Jack Sparrow? Well, now you can, kinda, in Heroes of the Seven Seas. The game has had some success on Samsung Gear VR, and now it’s making its way to PS VR.

Players will need to sail the open seas to find the  Seven Sea Artifacts, while also fending off the Navy, pirates, and other things that lurk in the deep.

Theseus (July 26)

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Honestly, Theseus is a pretty interesting looking PSVR title. Rather than throwing you in the role of Theseus in first-person view, instead you’re in third person tracking Theseus as he hunts down the Minotaur and save his love Ariadne.

Expect a dark narrative-driven experience here with some hack and slash combat in amongst a stunning-looking setting.


If you’re looking for something which strays away from the norm of first-person on-rails shooter, then I’d definitely recommend Theseus.

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