Greetings PlayStation Fans! This weeks sees the release of some absolutely stellar titles including one which may well be the best VR game ever made. Let’s dive in.


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Jump into a huge war machine and lay waste to your enemies in Archangel. The game is the first original title from Skydance Interactive who brought XCOM 2 to consoles and helped out on The Evil Within and Gears of War 4. Archangel features a fully fledged story involving a squad of soldiers battling against a tyrannical corporation hellbent on controlling post-apocalyptic America.

Superhot VR

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Have you ever wanted to feel like Neo when he gains complete control over the Matrix? Rhetorical question. Superhot VR brings its time-bending tactical gameplay to PSVR this week and with it the feeling of being an action-hero. Dodge bullets, shoot, throw objects and dominate the room as you use time to your advantage. The definitive way to play Superhot is undoubtedly in VR so this one’s really a no brainer. It’s worth noting that Superhot VR launches July 21 on the PS Store.

That’s all for this week but plenty to keep you busy for the week. Check back same time next week for all the new PSVR releases.


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