Greetings PlayStation fans! This week sees the release of two games for your shiny VR headsets, one’s a horror experience and the other is on the complete opposite side of the gaming spectrum, let’s dive in.

The Bellows: A VR Horror Experience

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The Bellows is a nightmarish horror experience which thrusts players into a surreal and experimental movie of sorts. Developer Castle Steps created the game as a test to show players just how scary VR can be. Jump scares, warped rooms and mind-bending hallucinations all culminate in a truly terrifying experience which could only be utilised using VR.

Fantastic Contraption

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Fantastic Contraption started life as a building game on PC back in 2008 and involves building ridiculous machines to fulfil specific puzzles and tasks. The game came into its full version when VR became a thing which seems to have really opened it up. Build large, wacky contraptions out of connectors, blocks and wheels while dressed as a monkey, what more could you want?

So there you have it folks, two seriously great games to check out this week. Be sure to check back next week to hear about all the new releases on PlayStation VR.

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