YES. It’s San Diego Comic Con and we’ve got our first look at the upcoming feature-length flick for arguably one of the best comedy detective series’. You know that’s right, it’s Psych: The Movie.

It seems like a decade since the final season of Psych aired, but fret not Pineapple fans, it’s on its way back in the form of Psych: The Movie and at SDCC we’ve got our first glimpse in the form of a teaser clip featuring Shawn and Gus getting back in shape.

Psych follows Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and Burton ‘Gus’ Guster, a.k.a. Bruton “Gasty” Gaster (Dulé Hill) as they start up their own psychic detective agency. However neither of them are psychic and get by purely on Shawn’s incredible memory and attention to detail. It ended back in 2014, and fans have been wanting more ever since.

Now, it’s finally here in the form of Psych: The Movie which is set to air on USA in December, 2017.

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