Ubisoft has launched a brand new patch this week that’ll bring a number of improvements as well as the addition of the dreaded loot box.

Ah the Loot Box, a system which seems so innocent and easy to ignore, but one that you begin to become obsessed over whenever you see someone with a better cosmetic item than the one you have. It’s something that has plagued many games over the past couple of years and now Rainbow Six Siege is the next one to join the ranks.

In Patch 2.1.1. players will be able to open Alpha Packs, a “chance-based loot system”, as Ubisoft are calling it, that’ll give players the chance to unlock cosmetic items like skins and paint jobs, as well as “exclusive” Legendary-tier items exclusive to Alpha Packs.

This patch is just part of Ubisoft’s three-month overhaul of Rainbow Six Siege to tune up the game for the future.

The launch of Alpha Packs will be coming over the course of the next couple of days across all platforms and when they do arrive every player will receive a complementary box to begin their new addiction.

We’re now entering the second year of Rainbow Six Siege with more new content on the way and a brand new Season Pass to purchase.

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