Here’s our First Look at Ready Player One

Entertainment Weekly have revealed our first look at Stephen Spielberg’s movie adaptation of Ready Player One, a novel by Ernest Cline.

With Comic-Con just around the corner, we’ve been given an early look at something pretty magical and that is the first image from Spielberg’s Ready Player One, and it looks incredible.

Ready Player One tells the tale of a dystopian future where the rich live in luxury and the poor live in among “Stacks” which are huge teetering towers made up of RVs and Caravans filled with many people at a time. While it seems depressing, there is one escape, The Oasis, a virtual reality world where players can get away from it all.

Unfortunately after the creator of The Oasis, James Halliday, pops his clogs, he leaves the game and his company, Gregarious Games, up for grabs, but players must solve a series of ever challenging quests made up of pop-culture references. But not all is rosy, as the megacorpration IOI is also after the game with nothing but dollar signs in their eyes.

So it’s up to the movie’s protagonist Parzival, whose real name is Wade Watts, and his friends to band together to solve these quests before anyone else.

And here we are, with the first image from the movie in our hands which shows off Watts in his own little hideout away from the cramped Stack he lives in with his parents and a number of other people. We also get our first look at the gear used to enter The Oasis. But can you spot anything else?

According to Entertainment Weekly the image is actually filled to the brim with Easter Eggs, so I’m probably going to sit staring at this for a good couple of hours.

Here’s our First Look at Ready Player One - n3rdabl3
Ready Player One (2018)
Tye Sheridan as Wade Owen Watts/Parzival

Ready Player One is set to hit theatres in March 2018.

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