Omega Force is back again to give you the chance to charge around the battlefield and beat stuff up before you get really bored and move on. I mean I do have a fond spot for the Omega Force Hack and Slash style games which harks right the way back to Dynasty Warriors on PlayStation 2.

It might be very straightforward but it can be fun as you use your simple tools to systematically beat your enemy to a pulp as you take out enemy units and cut off the supply lines before killing the enemy commander all whilst you clock up a kill count that Judge Dredd would probably find excessive.

The only problem is that this gets very boring, especially as you have to do it five times, like five very boring starters at a meal.

Omega Force in the past years has taken their time-tested formula of burn out fun to other franchises like The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, and Attack on Titan. So the setting for this Omega Force game is the ancient Japan and follows various different factions in a Game of Thrones style struggle to command the land.

Samurai Warriors 4 Review – Hack and Mash - n3rdabl3


The controls don’t tend to vary that much from game to game. You could easily think I was talking about Dragon Quest, Hyrule Warriors, and Dynasty Warriors. Square for attack, Triangle for the better attack, Circle for Musou rage (ultimate combo attack)… Same controls different skin.

Of course, for every franchise, Omega Force does tend to tweak it a little bit.

For Samurai Warriors 4, we get to control two characters on the battlefield so that does help with achieving the various tasks you need to complete to win the battle. This tones down the hectic nature of the battlefield with people yelling at you to do stuff.

You see, this all sounds exciting right? Well it is, the first three or four times you do it. Essentially, you do the same thing again and again, the same requests to take down enemy officers, just rinse and repeat until the flavour goes out and it becomes seriously bland.

Samurai Warriors 4 Review – Hack and Mash - n3rdabl3

The story mode consists of you doing four battles for different clans who wish to control the land. I really wanted to play as The Sarada Brothers before I got bored with the game since you can really do the same thing about eight times before it just gets grating.

You do get to work with the characters on the cover of the game, but you have to do three different clans’ quests before you get the chance. Three.. it’s like making you have 12 sticks of broccoli before you can have one Malteser.

What would make the rinse and repeat a little more enjoyable would be its cut scenes, one of my very favourite parts of the sister series, Dynasty Warriors. Though in Samurai Warriors 4, the cut scenes are very few and far between and you have to tolerate a whole bunch of rigid computer generated actions figures working their way through poorly translated dialogue which feels like it was zapped by a thesaurus.

Again, it’s that now classic flaw that a lot of games are making by having dialogue yapping on in the background whilst you try to concentrate, but it’s even more pointless since the dialogue is in Japanese

Samurai Warriors 4 Review – Hack and Mash - n3rdabl3

So that’s the story mode, let’s have chat about Chronicle Mode. This is the mode where you can make your own character and travel the land with your own goal to either become a scholar, warrior, or be another kind of warrior.

Though I enjoyed this mode as the battles are shorter and they have genuine rewards that makes your character grow, you still have to deal with the rigid action figures and the fact your character never speaks, despite the fact you have to choose a voice for him or her at the beginning of the game.

Also, all the effort you put into designing your character feels very wasted when you see how the accessories just clash with your costume.

Though I enjoyed the faster pace of the story and the chance to explore the tapestry of the game’s lore further, this is something that should’ve been the done in story mode, that’s probably the flaw with the campaign, it just too stop and starty.

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