Three “pulse-pounding, 360 degree short film” experiences have been launched in anticipation of Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s forthcoming WW2 action drama about 400,000 allied soldiers stranded on the beaches of Dunkirk with nowhere to run and the enemy closing in.

“Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience” is a collaboration between Warner Bros., Microsoft, Intel, and Dell and will plunge those who wander over to Dunkirk VR into three of the film’s main narrative vantage points; land, sea and air.

“In just a few taut moments, the ‘Dunkirk VR Experience’ provides a thrilling glimpse of the three main settings in our film in a uniquely subjective way,” says Nolan, whose film is released July 21 theatrically and on IMAX.

Produced and directed by president of VR company Practical Magic, Matthew Lewis had this to say about the project, “The world Christopher Nolan created for ‘Dunkirk’ played right into the strengths of VR. It’s relentless storytelling with the enemy always a breath away. We knew exactly how we wanted to bring that into VR—to put you right there in that moment. It’s just a taste of the story you’ll see on the big screen…and ‘Dunkirk’ is a film that truly must be seen on the big screen.”

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“Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience” was releases on July 7th.

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