CCP Announces Release Date for Sparc The First vSport for PSVR

CCP Games has this week announced that Sparc, the first vSport for PSVR, will be landing on Sony’s VR platform on Tuesday, August 29.

First we had Esport, now we’ve got V-Sport, and CCP are kicking it off with their new game, Sparc, for PSVR. In Sparc, players take part in a unique “full-body experience” that’s only possible in VR. In Sparc, players VR equipment is their own personal sports gear as they take part in fast-paced online one-on-one gameplay to compete to be the winner.

Using the two PS Move controllers, players throw projectiles across the court, while also trying to dodge or block those incoming. Think VR dodgeball, but one-on-one gameplay. The game combines this fast-paced skill-based gameplay with some pretty tasty visuals

Because of this competitive gameplay, Sparc is being considered a virtual sport, or vSport, featuring both rookie- and pro-level difficulty games to suit all types of players. In addition, the game also offers a “Courtside” social arena for spectators in VR.

There is also solo play in Sparc, where players can take part in timed events which test the skills of players and offers training for players as they warm up for the real thing.

Players will also be able to fully customise their avatars from the colour of the compression suit, to the headgear that they’re wearing, all the way down to their “gloves”, to offer some real personalisation on the court.

Check the game out in the trailer below:

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