Blizzard have revealed that the previously announced War Chest will be coming to StarCraft 2 later this week offering a bunch of digital content for players for $25.

StarCraft 2’s War Chest was announced at BlizzCon last year and are now finally making their debut. According to Blizzard War Chest is a “seasonal program that offers StarCraft 2 players access to an array of cool digital content,” including skins, sprays, and much more.

Players can purchase these chests for $10 in a per-race basis (Terrans, Zerg, or Protoss), or buy all three for $25. New content will be unlockable through three monthly phases with the first beginning later this week.

Upon purchasing players will receive a unit skin and a portrait with remaining content being unlocked by playing the game. When the next phases begin, more content will unlock. In addition, War Chest buyers will also be given stuff for Blizzard’s other games, Hearthstone (one free card pack), Heroes of the Storm (one free loot chest), and Diablo 3 (an exclusive Tal’Darim pet).

StarCraft 2’s War Chests are Coming This Week - n3rdabl3

Blizzard has also revealed that progress will be shared across all three races and is retroactive, meaning that if you unlock five rewards as one race, then purchase another race’s War Chest, you’ll unlock five rewards for that race.

War Chest purchases will also be used for StarCraft 2 esports, with 25 percent of sales being earmarked. “The first $200,000 will be added to the $500,000 BlizzCon 2017 prize pool,” adding that “any surplus contributing to StarCraft 2 event production.”


The first StarCraft 2 War Chest phase begins on July 19 with Phase 2 begining on August 16, and phase 3 on September 13. War Chests will be available to purchase until October 4, and will go away completely on November 4. At this point all content within the chests will be available for all to purchase individually.

More info can be found on the StarCraft 2 War Chest website.

StarCraft 2’s War Chests are Coming This Week - n3rdabl3


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