Stargate Origins Brings Stargate Back to TV

Stargate is gating back to TV with Stargate Origins, an origin story on how the round wormhole device came into the hands of the US Airforce and the gang of SG1.

We last saw Stargate on TV with Stargate Universe that finished back in 2011. It was a huge departure from the typical show as a bunch of original characters are trapped on an ancient starship built by demi-gods known as The Ancients.

Left on a cliff hanger with a promise of a TV movie that never materialised, this wasn’t the only Stargate series planned, though it all got shelved eventually.

One planned series starred Jack O’Neil, the leader of SG1 and one to tie off the loose ends from the spin off, Stargate Atlantis – the 10 episodes prequel with following Catherine Langford a semi-regular on SG1.

Langford was an aged genius who helped uncover the Stargate back in 1928, her friend even tried using it and got trapped on a different planet for nearly 60 years.

Anyway, Stargate Origins will show a story never told as we follow Catherine in the years after the gates discovery. The series is set to premiere in Autumn and I cannot wait. With this, and Star Trek: Discovery, the space opera is coming back.

Check out the debut trailer below: