The second issue of Tekken continues the fast paced story and action the first issue proved it could achieve.

WARNING: Potential Spoilers AHEAD

This instalment picks up directly where the first issue left off. Jin and company are under siege from his father, Kazuya. The actual quality of the story continues to impress me. Any Tekken fan knows that fighting is at the forefront of the series and “story” is just a secondary thought. Most fighting games suffer from the same problem.

Tekken #2 continues to deliver a well-rounded story that has me genuinely excited for #3. How will Jin overcome the demon inside him? What or who set the trap that Nina and Ling must now overcome? Why does Yoshimitsu continue to be a badass?!

The artwork compliments the series as well. The crisp, mature content is a joy to look at. Bright, clear colours and lines define the action in a way that’s easy to read and distinguish. The character concept for Yoshimitsu is a well thought out choice as well (yes I have a soft spot for him).

Finally, what would a good story be with out solid writing? The writing makes this story continue to be a joy to read. Each characters dialogue fits their persona and makes you feel closer to the action and feelings of every person.


Titan Comics continues to impress me with this series. The story is carried on through the art and writing and delivers yet another successful issue. Personally I can not wait for the continuation of this series and finding out just what will happen to these characters I’m growing even more attached to.

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