Tekken 7 Adds Fatal Fury Character For Next DLC

Continuing its trend for sharing the fighting game love between franchises, Tekken 7’s latest DLC will contain Geese Howard from Fatal Fury. The news comes from Tekken 7’s Game Director Katsuhiro Harada who announced the iconic villain’s appearance while speaking at EVO 2017.

There is also a reveal trailer (watch below) to enjoy which shows off Howard’s unique skill set as well as a great scene where he threatens Heihachi. He’s also seen kicking the crap out of Paul, King and Akuma, exclaiming “the weak shall perish!

This is not the first non-Namco character to feature in the game so far. Street Fighter’s Akuma was heavily involved in the game’s story and is notoriously difficult to beat as the game’s final boss. Akuma was definitely grounded into the Tekken universe but did possess some abilities from the Street Fighter series, most notably a Super Gauge. We’ll have to wait and see how Geese Howard controls and how much Fatal Frame will be thrown into the mix.

The character is expected to launch Winter 2017.

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