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The Indie Fix: Jumpball

Little ball, tonnes of promise.

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Jumpball is the addictive little arcade game you never knew you needed, but trust me, you need this.

The name of the game is to grow your squidgy ball of big fat question mark (genuinely no idea what you play as), by collecting the coins that appear on the game board. You make these coins appear by jumping on the board (made up of squares) and changing the adjacent squares in all directions to your colour. So, let’s say, for example, that you have eaten five coins. When you jump on the board, five squares in every direction will change to your colour.

Now, to make things a bit more interesting you’re playing against other people. While you’re changing squares to your colour and collecting these coins, other people are trying to do the same. If you’re stood on a square when someone jumps and forces it to change colour then it’s game over for you and you must start again from zero – unless you already owned a decent number of coins, then you just lose some and end up much smaller.

It’s a wonderfully tense game in which you’re forced to make very fast decisions about risk. Do you want to try and take on the ball that is 20 times your size? You’re nimbler than him. You could dash in and try to knock some of his coins off him. You might make it. You’re dead. You end up with genuine David VS Goliath moments in which there’s a genuine chance you could win.

It’s fast-paced, colourful and joyful to play. I can see myself spending hours and hours on it. The best thing is that this browser-based game is still in development with more features promised in coming versions. If it’s already this good and they’re adding new features it can only get better.

You can play Jumpball yourself here and follow their progress at their Facebook page.

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